Dinner menu

6 pm - 10 pm

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  • Cold cuts and cheeses platter with pickled vegetables (A,G) 14
  • Carne salada (raw meat) from Trentino, parmesan flakes, apple and cabbage (G) 14
  • Porchetta served with rocket, parmesan and green sauce (D,G) 13
  • Smoked trout tartlets with tzatziki and black cabbage chips (A,C,D,G) 14
  • Caprese salad with burrata (G) 12
  • Fried courgette flowers with smoked eggplant puree and chickpea hummus (A,E,N) 14

First courses:

  • Ricotta, Cantabrian anchovies and tomato dumplings (A,C,D,G) 13
  • Dried tomatoes pesto, rocket and pistachios trofie (A,H,G) 12
  • Venison sauce and red fruits tagliatelle (A,C,G) 12
  • Prawns and lime squid-ink tagliolini (A,B,D) 14
  • Spaghetti carbonara (A,C,G) 11
  • 'nduja, zucchini and smoked ricotta garganelli (A,G) 12

Main courses:

  • “al Fortino” hamburger with fries (A,C,G,M,N) 18
    (artisanal bread, angus meat, mangapegno sauce, uncooked smoked ricotta, salad, red onions, Knax cucumbers)
  • Beef fillet served with potatoes, broccoli and green sauce (D) 27
  • Lamb ribs with endive salad and Garda Lake pesto (D) 25
  • Salmon trout marinated in soy, ginger and honey served with pak-choi and fennel (D,F,K) 20+
  • Grilled octopus, 'nduja and burrata (D,G) 22
  • Fried courgette flowers with smoked aubergine puree and chickpea humus (A,E,K) 20
  • Sicilian-style vegetable caponata, served with tzatziki sauce and avocado (G) 18 


  • Homemade Tiramisù (A,C,G) 6 €
  • Trentino apple strudel with vanilla ice cream (A,C,G) 6 €
  • Warm chocolate heart cake with vanilla ice cream (A,C,G,H) 6 €
  • Homemade custard and lemon tart (A,C,G)  6 €