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A terrace overlooking Lake Garda

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The mood

Ideal for lunches, dinners and aperitifs, Al Fortino is just the place to meet up. Dedicated to friends, to romantic interludes, to foodies and wine conoisseurs, to bike enthusiasts, to motorcyclists or simply to those who enjoy relaxing and doing little else.

You will find a unique setting to welcome you, with unexpected features and attention to detail. Our smile and our excellent cuisine are sure to win you over.

Terrace with a view

The most spectacular view of Lake Garda comes to life once seated on our terrace. A panorama that extends on the clearest of days from the village of Torbole as far as the coasts of Salò and Desenzano del Garda.

In the summer months this lovely outdoor area is well frequented for aperitifs and live music. Here you can enjoy lunch pampered by the light breeze of the Ora or dine under the starry sky.

The terrace can also be booked exclusively for private events.


Al Fortino is steeped in local history: the first encounter of which is with the pink stone from Mori whilst the internal vaults go back to a bygone age.

In 1861 the Austro-Hungarian Empire had a well-constructed system of fortifications built in the Upper Garda area of which this former fort formed part. From its commanding position the fort of Nago dominated the whole of Lake Garda from above.

Main room

As soon as you enter our restaurant you will immediately feel at home. You will find our barmen, intent on preparing delicious cocktails surrounded by bottles of our wide selection of wines, behind the bar to welcome you.

The main room is warm and bright and the stone vaults create an intimate and captivating atmosphere. A play of colours is created by the table linen, where the usual checked pattern of traditional restaurants is emphasized by different coloured shades. On the walls, articles connected to the world of the two wheels recall cycling, our.

The environment is ideal for romantic interludes but, thanks to its modularity, can also accommodate large groups perfectly.

Bike More Worry Less room

An intimate, welcoming, delightful place with a surprise-factor. The theme is the bicycle but our originality reigns supreme. This is the room where we have indulged our creativity to the full, inspired by the philosophy of our way of life and our young, modern style which is the same time refined, elegant and fun.

The Bike More Worry Less room, with its alcoves and tables on a the mezzanine floor, is perfect for special occasions for couples.

It is also possible to reserve it exclusively. In this case the setting becomes ideal for groups, families and parties who wish to spend time together, perhaps with their own music.