Lunch menu

12 pm - 3 pm

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Sandwiches  and Focaccias

  • Capri: bread, mozzarella, tomato, basil, vinegar glaze (A,G) 7
  • Parma: bread, mozzarella, tomato, Parma ham 24 months (A,G) 8
  • Alpine: bread, mozzarella, Alto Adige PGI Speck, boscaiola sauce (A,G) 8
  • Mediterranean: focaccia, tuna, red onions, black olives with dried tomato pesto and rocket (A,D,G) 9
  • Romana: focaccia, porchetta, red onions, rocket and salsa verde (A,G) 9


  • Trentino Poke: basmati rice base, white cannellini beans, radishes, smoked salmon trout cubes, soy and sesame seeds (A,F,N) 15
  • Lake Poke: basmati rice base, edamame, radishes, smoked salmon trout cubes, avocado flesh, soy and sesame seeds (A,D,F,N) 16
  • Tofu Poke: basmati rice base, edamame, radishes, tofu, avocado flesh, soy and sesame seeds (A,F,N) 14

Maxi toasts

  • Classic: cooked ham, cheese (A,G) 5
  • Filling: cooked ham, cheese, tomato, tartar sauce (A,G,I) 6
  • Chilli: cooked ham, cheese, tomato, chilli sauce (A,G) 6

Maxi salads

  • Pantani: rocket, cherry tomatoes, corn, mozzarella, tuna (D,G) 9
  • Caprese salad: mozzarella, tomato, basil and olive oil (G) 9
  • Roman salad: romaine lettuce, pancetta, porchetta, red onion and hard-boiled egg (C,H) 12
  • Alto Garda: Trentino salad, green apple, walnuts, speck, Trentino grana cheese and Garda oil (G, H) 10


First courses

  • Spaghetti carbonara (A,C,G) 11
  • Dried tomatoes pesto, rocket and pistachios trofie (A, H,G) 12
  • Venison sauce and red fruits tagliatelle  (A,C G) 12
  • Garlic, olive oil and chili pepper spaghetti  (A) 9
  • Black olives, Cantabrian anchovies and tomato rigatoni (A,D) 11
  • Fresh tomato and basil spaghetti (A) 9

Open Sandwiches & Bruschettas

  • Avocado toast: whole wheat toast, avocado flesh, salmon trout, fried egg and olive oil (A,C,D) 14.5
  • Classic bruschetta: toasted Apulian bread with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil (A) 8
  • Raw ham bruschetta: toasted Apulian bread with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, 24-month Parma ham and olive oil (A) 9.5
  • Lake bruschetta: fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, smoked salmon trout, olive oil (A,D) 10

Fried food

  • Potato omelette (A,E) 5
  • Batter-fried vegetables mix (A,E) 5
  • Jalapenos (spicy) (A,E) 6
  • Crab claws (A,B,E) 6

Main courses

  • Cold cuts and cheeses platter with pickled vegetables (A,G) 14
  • Carne salada (raw meat) from Trentino, parmesan flakes, apple and cabbage (G) 14
  • “al Fortino” hamburger with fries (A,C,G,M,N) 18 
    (artisanal bread, angus meat, mangapegno sauce, uncooked smoked ricotta, salad, red onions, Knax cucumbers)
  • Salmon trout fillet marinated in soy, ginger and honey with pak-choi and fennel (D,F) 20


  • Homemade Tiramisù (A,C,G) 6 
  • Trentino apple strudel with vanilla ice cream (A,C,G) 6 
  • Warm chocolate heart cake with vanilla ice cream (A,C,G,H) 6 
  • Homemade custard and  lemon tart (A,C,G)  6


Drink list



Dolomiti pils 0,2l | 0,4l                     3,5 | 5,5
Dolomiti pils unfiltered 0,2l | 0,4l     3,5 | 5,5
Radler 0,2l | 0,4l                                 3 | 5


Weltenburger Hefe weissbier 0,50l        6
Weltenburger spezial 0,50l                    6
Weltenburger 0,50l analcolica               6
Reckendorfer Helle Freude 0,50l          6
Super 8 export gluten-free 0,33l         5,5
Dolomiti red 0,33 l                               5,5
Camba Chiemsee Wit 0,33 l                5,5
Camba pale ale 0,33 l                             6


Helles Brenta Bräu 0,50l                                6,5
Weizen Brenta Bräu 0,50l                              6,5
Brenta Bräu Vienna 0,50l                               6,5
Birra del Bosco Froggy Hops IPA 0,33l          6,5
Birra del Bosco Hoppy Helles HELL 0,44l      6,5


SPARKLING WINE        ๐Ÿท |  ๐Ÿพ     

Prosecco Doc La vita è Bella    4 | 20
Antares Trento DOC Cantina Toblino    5,5 | 28
Trento DOC Ferrari    52
Franciacorta Ca del Bosco Cuvée    48 
Rosè extra dry La vita è Bella     4 | 20
Trento Doc Riserva 100 mesi   85
Cantina d’Isera 

WHITE WINE     ๐Ÿท |  ๐Ÿพ

Lugana Aristocratico                     5 | 25
Nosiola Bio Pisoni                        5 | 25
Gewürztraminer di Merano           5 | 25
Busat bianco cantina comai       4,5 | 24
Furlet Bianco                              4,5 | 24
Sauvignon Azienda Agricola Comai    33
Pinot Bianco d’Isera Trentino DOC     4,5 | 26
Cantina d’Isera 

ROSÉ WINE     ๐Ÿท | ๐Ÿพ 

Chiaretto Bardolino Bergamini     4 | 20
Rosé Busat Comai                            24

RED WINE    ๐Ÿท | ๐Ÿพ 

Bardolino  Bergamini                          4 | 21
Busat red  Cantina Comai                  5 | 25
Valpolicella Ripa della Volta               5 | 25
Lagrein Sellaronda                             5 | 25
Furlet Rosso                                       5 | 25
Chianti Doc Vitis Nostra                     5 | 25
Pinot Nero Agraria Riva del Garda         35
Teste Matte Rosso                                  39
Teroldego IGT                                    5 | 25
Vigneti delle Dolomiti Sellaronda
Valpolicella DOC Ripasso              5,5 | 29
Primitivo IGT Puglia Elettra            5,5 | 33
Marzemino d’Isera Trentino Superior DOC  5,5 | 35
Cantina d’Isera 
Rebo d’Isera Trentino DOC - cantina d’Isera  5 | 32

DESSERT WINE    ๐Ÿท | ๐Ÿพ 

Passito del Veneto IGT    5 | 30
Moscato giallo                4,5 | 26
Cantina d’Isera


Gin Tonic    

Gin Tonic Classico                       8
Gin mare                                     11
Gin Hendricks                             10
Gin Monkey 47                           12
Gin Elephant                              11
Gin Bulldog                                 9
Gin Tanqueray ten                     11
Gin Tanqueray Sevilla               11
Gin Gil                                       11
Gin Malfy al pompelmo rosa     10
Gin Malfy al limone                   10
Gin Vento                                  11
Gin Pilz                                     10
Gin z44                                     12
Gin Luz                                     11
Gin Engine bio Sabatini            11
Gin Insulae Sabatini                 12
Gin Virginia Analcolico             10


Aperol Spritz | Limoncino Spritz | Hugo     5
Crodino/Sanbitter                                       4
Americano                                               6,5 
Martini Tonic                                               7
Negroni                                                      8



Fortino Colada    7
coconut syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice
Fresh Up    7
pineapple, orange, grenadine, ginger beer 
Speedy    7
ACE, peach, grenadine, tonic water
Virgin Spritz    7
crodino, ACE, Monin bitters, soda 


Mojito | Caipirinha | Cuba Libre        8
Moscow Mule | London Mule           8
Sex On The Beach | Long Island     8
Campari Orange                              8


Amaro Bruno (Rinaldi 1957)                   4,5
Amaro Frak                                               6
Amaro Roger                                             5
Ramazzotti                                                4
Averna | Montenegro | Jägermeister         4
Braulio | Disaronno | Amaro del Capo       4
Sambuca | Vecchia Romagna                   4 
Anima Nera                                               4
Baileys                                                      4
Limoncello                                              3,5
Martini Bianco                                           4
Vermouth di Torino classico Giulio Cocchi     5,5
Vermouth Dopo Teatro Giulio Cocchi             5,5
Vodka Smirnoff                                          4
Bacardi Carta Bianca                                4
Havana Club 7 years                                 6
Rum Millonario Reserva 15 anni               9
Jack Daniel’s                                             5
Moch | Oban                                              8


Marzadro                6
Segnana white    3,5
Segnana aged    4,5


Espresso | Decaffeinated espresso    1,5
Orzo small| big                                   1,5 | 2 
Caffè with grappa                               2,5  
Caffè ginseng small| big                       2 | 2,5
Caffè americano                                   3  
Latte                                                     2
Latte Macchiato                                    3  
Cappuccino                                          3


Still water | Sparkling water 0,5l            2,5
Still water | Sparkling water 0,75l          3,5
Coca cola/zero | Fanta | Sprite 0,33l     3,5
Apfelschorle (0,33l)                               3,5
Lemonsoda | Schweppes tonic             3,5
Fruit juice  | Tea lemon/peach               3,5
Red Bull                                                4,5




A. Cereals containing gluten, namely wheat (such as spelt and khorasan wheat),
rye, barley, oats or their hybridised strains, and products thereat, except. (a) wheat
based glucose syrups including; (b) wheat based maltodextrins; (c) glucose
syrups based on barley; (d) cereals used for making alcoholic distillates including
ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin;
B. Crustaceans and products thereof Shrimps, prawns, lobster, crawfish;
C. Eggs and products thereof: Omelet, pancake, cakes, pastries, soups, sauces,
pasta, mayonnaise,desserts.
D. Fish and products thereof, except (a) fish gelatine used as carrier for vitamin
or carotenold preparations, (b) fish gelatine or isinglass used as fining agent in
beer and wine.
E. Peanuts and products thereof;
F. Soybeans and products thereof, except: (a) fully refined soybean oil and tat; (b)
naural mixed tocopherols (E306), natural D-alpha tocopherol, natural D-alpha tocopherol
acetate, and natural D-alpha tocopherol succinate from soybean sources;
(c) vegetable oils derived phytosterols and phytosterol esters from soybean
sources; (d) plant stanol ester produced from vegetable oil sterols from soybean
G. Milk and products thereof (including lactose), except: (a) whey used for making
alcoholic distillates including ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin; (b) lactitol
H. Nuts, namely almonds (Amygdalus communes L.), hazelnuts (Corylus ayellanai)
walnuts (Juglans regiai), cashews (Anacardium occidentalel), pecan nuts (Carya
illinotnensis (Wangenh), Brazil nuts (Bertholletta excelsa), pistachio nuts (Pistacia
vera), macadamia or Queensland nuts (Macadamia ternifolia), and products thereof,
except for nuts used for making alcoholic distillates including ethyl & canal
of agricultural origin;
L. Celery and products thereof: Dressings and Sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise and
M. Mustard and products thereof: Mustard powder, dressings, marinades sauces,
N. Sesame seeds and products thereof;
O. Sulphur dioxide and suiphites: Soft drinks, beer, wine, dried fruits, vegetables,
meat and products;
P. Lupin and products there of bran, tofu, milk, special bread and baked goods,
pasta, sausages, patties;
R. Molluscs and products thereof;
(*) And the products thereof, in so far as the process that they have undergone
is not likely to increase the level of allergenicity assessed by the Authority for the
relevant product from which they originated.

REGULATION (EU) 1169/2011